Why I started Coca Athletics 14 years ago and how it changed my life

I was a division 1 full ride soccer player in 2001 when I lost my love of the sport at the height of college life.  It wasn’t until I was 5 years into climbing the corporate ladder that I realized I was in serious trouble.

I had gone from a 120lbs soccer player to a 210lbs pencil pusher.  I no longer could walk into a store and buy a suit and I was hell bent I was not going to shop at a ‘big and tall’.

I tripped into CrossFit before there were any actual gyms (as in we met under a bridge in the local metroparks once a week to workout) and that was the beginning of a life changing journey. 

One year in I got certified to coach and I began taking my nutrition seriously.  I would get up at 4am, coach 5-7am, workout 7-8, head to work 9-5 and then hit an MBA program at night. 

That was 2017 and it was also the same time the idea of CrossFit competitions were beginning.  I remember Joe Degain telling me to ‘go for it’ so I began training with intention.

2010 I qualified for the CrossFit Games and little did I know that would change my life.  I got on a plane to that competition sponsored by Rogue Fitness (just a small equipment company ) and a supplement company.  

I walked away 27th fittest woman in the world and plan to open up my own gym…. The birth of Coca CrossFit (now Athletics) in North Ridgeville, OH. 

September 2010 I paid my affiliate fee and opend my doors.  October I was flown out to Boston where I met with Reebok and signed a deal with them as well……

14 years later I am still living out that dream everyday.  I am not the same wide eyed girl that opened the gym at 27………. NO I’m so much more well rounded.  

Since then I’ve broken my back, ruptured my Achilles, blown out my knee, buried a child, had a child, got divorced, healed trauma from abuse and found my way back to God.

Even after all of that my dream and purpose are the same: EMPOWER OTHERS BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES!  

From a ‘former fat kid’ turned professional athlete turned wiser mid-aged adult….. working out with us can change your life if you let your guard down, do the work, give it time and let it.

Big vulnerable hugs

Coach Kate

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