Legends (60 years +)

Our expert coaches understand that we can not stop aging, but we can slow the effects down.

Each 45minute session includes:
1) warmup
2) strength & stability
3) conditioning
4) stretching/ mobility work

Along with the physical benefits of staying active, the Legends class gives our clients a chance to continue to build a social network of like minded individuals.

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Why our Legends program?

Working out after the age of 60 can bring numerous benefits to both physical and mental health. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Enhanced physical strength & mobility
  2. Improved cardiovascular health
  3. Weight management
  4. Increased bone density
  5. Joint health & flexibility
  6. Mental well-being
  7. Social engagement
  8. Disease Prevention
  9. Increased life longevity


Your child will develop movement patterns that will make them less likely to get injured in sports.

Healthy habits

Our classes help kids develop an exercise routine that they can stick to for a lifetime.

Teamwork & leadership

Group classes teach teamwork. Fitness games teach kids how to lead others through inspiration and encouragement.


Our kids develop self-accountability and confidence, which makes them less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

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