Meet Coach George

Why I started CrossFit:

I was severely overweight and I know the same old gym routine wasn’t cutting it anymore.  I knew I had to get healthy again and had to figure out a plan.  I had never been in a class setting when it came to exercise before, so I was hoping that this was going to be something that would stick.

What kept you coming back to CrossFit:

Where to start?  Lol I got addicted.  It was a burn that I never felt before. I’ve lifted heavy weights and I’ve done lots of cardio.  I know how they both feel but never put them together. It was mind blowing how much energy it took to finish these workouts.  Another trick that helped me stick with it was I put in my mind that everyone was thinking “look at this slob, he isn’t gonna make it. I give him 2 weeks.” So I had to keep coming to prov them wrong. When it was the exact opposite, everyone was in my corner encouraging and rooting me on.

Why I want to coach:

Saying CrossFit has changed my life is an understatement. It has made every single point of my day to day life better by leaps and bounds. Not only changed my physical but my mental state ins nothing by positive now. I want that for everyone that walks through those gym doors.  I know how important the coaches were for my journey and I understand that responsibility. Coca is my home, and them embers are my family. I want to shoe them how to smash their fitness goals. 

What are my long term coaching plans:

The same as y personal CrossFit goals, to get better. Continuing my education is only going to make me a better coach.  I plan on taking more certification courses and eventually get my level 2 certification. As long as I’m doing CrossFit I will be coaching and helping fellow members get more proficient at working out.

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