Torn MCL recovery without surgery OR skipping the gym

In February of 2023 I popped my MCL while doing a large set of double unders.  I did my best the moment it happened to ice and rest for a week hoping it wasn’t worst case.  My prayers were not answered and I confirmed it was in fact a torn MCL.

Traditional path…… MRI to confirm and surgery.  

And while it’s considered a minor surgery…. A surgery is still a surgery.

What did I do instead?

I relied on my 17 years of knowledge and those that I trusted to come up with a plan.

I booked weekly appointments with a self-pay Physical Therapist (visit phytforfunction here).  

Doctor Eric helped me with reducing the inflammation, increasing mobility and structurally building up strength.

I continued to do high volume banded movements.

I prioritized mobility.

I did what I could in the gym and modified A LOT!!!!

Fast forward 7 months and all the little things have led to……




All while keeping my body from being sliced and diced.

Injuries are never fun, especially when they sideline you or slow you down. 

We all want a quick fix.

Instead I challenge you to see the LONG game…….a life time of health and vitality. 

Hit reply and tell me about a time you struggled being sidelined and how you over came it.  

Or even better….. are you struggling now?  Hit reply and lets get a game plan together

Coach Kate

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