Client Success: An Interview with Kristi

A member and valued team mate for a year and a half, Kristi’s journey is not just about shedding pounds but rewriting the narrative of her own strength. In a recent interview we asked Kristi to share her experiences leading up to this point in the hope she might inspire others to follow a similar path!

In the beginning

We first asked Kristi to summarize her feelings upon joining Coca 18 months ago.

I was nervous, self-conscious about my body, but excited to take control of my health.” 

Walking through the doors of Coca Athletics, Kristi faced her biggest fear: the fear of getting hurt.


Kristi’s initial goal was clear – lose weight, tone her body, and feel better. Looking back, she reflects on her progress,

“I’ve lost 15 pounds, now comfortably fitting into a size 12. Seeing definition in parts of my body I’ve never seen before is empowering.”

We asked Kristi to shed some light on the ways in which Coca has supported her so far. She explains “Kate and all the coaches prioritize form and doing it right. They instill confidence, removing the fear. Fellow athletes become allies, facing challenges together.”


Reflecting on her journey, Kristi recounts, A highlight was my first challenge to run 400 m. When I completed this I was profoundly changed. 

I felt like She-ra-  That I could do anything in the world. 

I talked about it for weeks. My second best moment was when one of the coaches made me try banded pull-ups. I had never done a pull up in my life when I did it. I was so excited! Never in my life did I think I could do a pull up. I was so excited and invigorated”

The Future 

Kristi’s eyes are set on the future. “I aspire to become a coach myself, giving back what the community has given me. My journey doesn’t end; I’ll keep pushing myself to be my best self.”

A note for the reader

To those on the fence about joining, Kristi shares, “Come and try it. It will be the best decision you make. They care about you, and everyone works at their own skill level. It’s a whole lot of fun.”

Final Words

Since joining Coca Athletics, Kristi has embraced more than just workouts. “Ice baths taught me to accept discomfort. The six-week reset classes transformed not just my body but my mindset. Coca Athletics has saved me; I religiously attend my 6am crossfit classes 3x a week. It’s my breath of fresh air.”

At Coca we are so proud of everything that Kristi has accomplished and we are excited for her future! 

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