Amy’s Unstoppable Journey: A Coca Story

Alright, folks, let me introduce you to the force that is Amy—a powerhouse, a warrior, and a true Coca athlete. Her journey, a tale of resilience and triumph, will leave you feeling inspired.

The Backstory: Buckle up because Amy’s nearing her one-year Coca-versary and her story this far is a rollercoaster! Picture this: Amy was the yoga enthusiast, dedicatedly flowing through life until the pandemic hit. Then all of a sudden, there were no classes, no group workouts—just isolation. A tough year ensued, battling health issues, gaining weight, and facing personal loss. Amy found herself at rock bottom.

Before Coca: Fast forward to 2023, and a change began. Energy and positivity surged back, and Amy decided to says ‘YES’ . Her friend Judi nudged her toward Coca, but Amy had reservations. The stereotype of CrossFit gyms—muscle-bound bodybuilders flexing in mirrors—made her hesitate. But one class with Judi shattered those misconceptions. Sure, she felt like she might not survive the next day, but she was hooked.

Coca: More Than a Gym: Coca became Amy’s sanctuary—a blend of exercise, therapy, and family. It became the beacon she needed in her darkest days. The journey became more important than the destination. What makes it even more special? Her daughter, Lily, is now part of the Coca family, sharing in the joy of max lifting and the strength that runs in their veins.

Shining Moments: The past year has been Amy’s testament to conquering the seemingly impossible. From mastering double unders, handstands, PRing lifts, to flipping a colossal 520lb tire—Amy’s list of victories is seriously impressive!

Future Goals: Eyes set on 2024, Amy’s aiming for handstand push-ups and pull-ups. It’s not wishful thinking; it’s a commitment to hard work and consistency. Amy’s mantra? Nothing seems impossible anymore.

A Message from Amy: To those on the fence about joining Coca, Amy’s got a direct invitation: “Thinking about trying it out? Give me a call! We’ll grab drinks after 😉.”

Amy’s journey is a saga of strength, determination, and the unbeatable Coca spirit. Stay tuned for more tales of triumph from our Coca family. 💪🚀

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