Starting a strongman training team for novice adults in their 40s

Starting a strongman training team for novice adults in their 40s is a fantastic idea, but I understand that many might find the concept of strongman training intimidating. Here’s how you can address their concerns and highlight the benefits of strongman training:

Addressing the Fear Factor

  1. Perception vs. Reality: Many people associate strongman training with extreme feats of strength seen on TV, like lifting enormous stones or pulling trucks. While those are indeed part of the sport, the reality is that strongman training can be scaled to suit any fitness level. As beginners, you’ll start with weights and exercises appropriate for your current strength and gradually build up.
  2. Injury Concerns: Another common fear is the risk of injury. However, with proper technique and coaching, strongman training can be very safe. Emphasizing form over weight is crucial, and as a certified coach, I’ll ensure that everyone learns and practices correct techniques.
  3. Community Support: Joining a team means you won’t be alone in your journey. The camaraderie and support of fellow team members can make the experience less daunting and more enjoyable. We’ll celebrate each other’s progress and encourage one another through challenges.

Benefits of Strongman Training

  1. Functional Strength: Strongman exercises are highly functional and mimic real-life movements. Lifting odd objects, carrying weights, and pulling or pushing heavy loads improve your overall functional strength, which can make daily activities easier and reduce the risk of injury in everyday tasks.
  2. Full-Body Workout: Strongman training involves a variety of movements that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This leads to balanced muscle development and a comprehensive workout that builds strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  3. Mental Toughness: Overcoming the challenges of strongman training can significantly boost your mental toughness and confidence. The sense of accomplishment from lifting heavier weights or completing a challenging event is incredibly rewarding.
  4. Weight Management: The intensity of strongman workouts can help with weight management. Building muscle increases your metabolism, and the high-energy nature of the training burns a lot of calories, which can aid in fat loss.
  5. Fun and Varied Workouts: Strongman training is diverse and dynamic. Each session can be different, incorporating various implements like logs, tires, sandbags, and yokes. This variety keeps the training interesting and prevents workout monotony.
  6. Community and Camaraderie: Being part of a team fosters a sense of belonging and provides a support system. Training with others can motivate you to push harder and stay committed to your fitness goals.

Final Thoughts

Strongman training doesn’t have to be scary. It’s a journey where you start at your own pace, focus on gradual improvement, and enjoy the process. With proper coaching, a supportive community, and a commitment to safety, you can reap the numerous physical and mental benefits of strongman training. So, let’s embrace the challenge and get stronger together!

Training Times: Tuesday/Thursday 5:30p – Saturday 9:00a

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