Coca’s Programming now written by owner Kate Rawlings

After a year of running CAP (CrossFit Affiliate Programming) owner, Kate Rawlings, has decided to bring day to day programming back internally.  Knowing our demographic currently at the gym and the future of Coca Athletics we believe we can do better.

Kate wants to assure that our clients are receiving the best well-rounded experience allowing them to continuously make progress.  She will be adding in more strength work, joint stability movements, injury prevention and mobility work.

The weekly pattern will be:

Monday: Lower Strength + Conditioning + Core + Mobility work

Tuesday: Upper Stability+ Conditioning + Core+ Mobility work

Wednesday: Olympic Lifting+ Conditioning + Core+ Mobility work

Thursday: Lower Stability+ Conditioning + Core+ Mobility work

Friday: Upper Strength+ Conditioning + Core + Mobility work

Saturday: Long Partner Workouts/Hero WODs

Sunday: Long Active Recovery

We will continue to utilize SugarWOD with all workouts being available for the week by Sunday.

73 days left to 2023 ……time to get to work!

The Coca Athletics Team

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